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PAFFREL celebrates its’ 30 years milestone in social activism

17 January, 2019

PAFFREL Organization is all set to celebrate its’ 30 years of excellence in its immense contribution towards establishing a country with Solidarity, Citizenship and Democracy on 14th of February at BMICH. 

A Fund will be established honoring one of founders  Dr. Godfry Gunathilake as Godfry Gunathilake Trust Fund. The main objective of establishing the fund is to provide monetary support to civil society activists throughout the country who are now in ill-health or under the obligation of needing the medical attention.

A session of felicitating and honoring the founders, partners, members, volunteers and organizations who provide their contribution from the national level in achieving PAFFREL’s prime goals that helps to flourish the concepts of good governance and clean politics will be held.

A short video is been planned to screen during the celebration as a reminiscence to all its founders, pioneers and volunteers in appreciating their immense contribution towards to organization.

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