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Workshop on Role and Responsibilities of Youth Leaders

14 September, 2016
Oak Ray Regency Hotel , Kandy

To empower Role and responsibilities on Political & Social context and Leadership Skill of Sri Lankan youth. PAFFREL and March 12 Movement are going to be organize workshop series for politically motivated youth in island wide As a collaboration of M12M and National Youth Service Council

2nd workshop of workshop series will be held on 14th September 2016 At pinOak-Ray Regency,Kandy 9.00 am onwards

Guest speakers

•Experience Sharing - Role and Responsibility of Youth Politician by Mr. Dilshan Pathiratne, Media consultant at National Youth Services Council (NYSC)

•Democracy & Citizens' rights - Youth Role & Responsibility towards Empowering Democracy In Sri Lanka by Mr. Raja Uswetakeiyawa, Former PC Member

This workshop series will be cover all the provinces of Sri Lanka within next 3 month

We invite all the politically motivated youth to be joint hands with us to create positive political culture of Sri Lankan

For more Information - Mr. Kavinda Neelaka Balasooriya (Minister Sri Lanka Youth Parliament) 0712174575/0775355603

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